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Explore comprehensive financial solutions at Fox Financial - Brenda Fox Agency, located in Fredericksburg, VA. While our roots lie in Virginia, our expertise spans nationwide, protecting families across the U.S. In our first year alone, we've achieved remarkable success with over $7,403,000.00 of total coverage in force. Our services encompass Asset Security Plans, Inheritance plans, Final Expenses, Income replacement, Retirement Plans, and Investment options. Each plan is meticulously tailored to your unique needs. Our seasoned executives collaborate with you to secure your future, ensuring the best plans that comfortably align with your budget. With Fox Financial, you can safeguard what matters most – your family! Contact us today to elevate your generational wealth with Fox Financial.

Our Products

Asset Security Plan

Asset Security Plan

Are you a proud new homeowner, or have you recently refinanced your home? Our exclusive Asset Security Plan is tailored with you in mind. Imagine turning your largest financial commitment into your family's most valuable asset. In the unfortunate event of your passing, our Asset Security Plan steps in to cover your entire mortgage balance or a predetermined number of monthly mortgage payments. No longer will your loved ones need to rely solely on your life insurance and or savings. Instead, they'll inherit your home without inheriting the debt. This will allow your current life insurance to be used towards their continuation of lifestyle and not towards paying off debt. With our plan, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing you're safeguarding your family's financial future and maximizing generational wealth.

Secure My Assets
Inheritence Plans

Inheritence Plans

Our children represent the future of our world, and while it's hard to fathom leaving them one day, it's a reality we must consider. Now, with our solution, you can ensure your children are taken care of even in your absence. Maximize your legacy by putting your children in a position to start life off financially strong. Secure their future today.

Protect My Legacy
Income Replacement

Income Replacement

Your income matters! If you are a single income household or even a two income household this plan is for you. Could you imagine if you were the sole provider for your family and something was to happen to you unexpectedly, what would your family do? How would they maintain it? In some cases they wouldn’t be able to. Could you imagine being a two income household and half your income went away because your spouse passed away? These are all very tough thoughts but the reality is one day this will happen. You’re able to replace your income for a set period of time to allow your family to grieve and not have to worry about finances.
Replace My Income
Final Expenses

Final Expenses

Funerals and cremations can be financially burdensome, and coming up with a lump sum of money quickly poses challenges for many families. While some rely on work insurance for burial expenses, the truth is, we don't plan on working indefinitely. Final expenses aren't just about burying you; they also encompass settling your last bills, including medical expenses not covered by insurance and household bills while your family navigates the future. Our plan is tailored for those who seek to alleviate the financial burden on their loved ones. Secure your peace of mind today.

Pay For My Expenses
Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

Preparing for retirement? Let's craft a plan together to ensure you can savor your golden years without financial worries. After years of hard work, it's time to let your money work for you. You've earned it

Retire Me
Investment Plans

Investment Plans

When it comes to investing, many individuals believe it's too complex or that taxes will eat away at profits, making it seem impossible to see a return. But let me assure you, that's far from the truth! There are strategic plans designed to mitigate taxes and provide tax-free supplemental income. The best part? They're straightforward and tailored for anyone to thrive in. Invest in your future with confidence today, partnering with us!

Invest in My Future

Meet The CEO 

Hi, l'm Brenda Fox from Toledo, OH and I'm obsessed! Yes, I said OBSESSED! With leveling the playing field for every single family in the world! Providing all families with the knowledge and the opportunity to have the right insurance plans in place is my passion. In 2016, I embarked on an entrepreneurial opportunity in the insurance industry located out in Detroit, Michigan. This opportunity really changed things for me forever!

This experience enhanced my way of thinking about my life’s journey and I formed a passion for educating not only myself but EVERYONE I encountered with life insurance knowledge. I quickly adapted to my new career environment and moved up quickly into a managerial role within only a few months. Excelling in my position allowed me the opportunity to assist with running our office located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At this point educating families was now my daily norm and extremely exciting to me. It was only right for me to be promoted again. I was offered an opportunity in 2017 to move to St. Louis, Missouri.  

I couldn't make a decision like this without my grandmother's blessing. She's my rock! She gave me her blessing and she kept my two kids for a school year. She insisted that I got things established in my new role before my children moved down to St. Louis. This is where my career really catapulted and allowed me to change the lives of so many people! Not only for my own family, but for those in the community and those of my newly formed team. My team grew quickly and we were nationally ranked top in the company. Due to the impact we made protecting and educating the families in our community. I got another promotion in 2018 to independently run an office out in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

While building a strong brand and having a lot of success may have looked effortless from the outside but it was far from it!! After substantial growth with my last company I gained the confidence, knowledge, courage and experience to take a leap of faith. I made the decision to leave and open my own office! I decided to focus on building my own brand here in Virginia! I wanted 100% control of my own growth! I wanted to put more of a focus on helping all families to build a strong financial foundation for their loved ones.

In January of 2023 Fox Financial was created and I am more motivated than I ever have been! My mission is to educate everyone on protective plans to maximize your family’s generational wealth! Now you know a little about me, I hope to hear more about you and how I can protect your family. Talk to you soon.

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We are committed to normalizing empowered futures, secured lives, and the maximizing of generational wealth within every family. Mitigate financial turmoil for those unforeseen circumstances we just can't avoid.